Success Set to Attract Abundance - 10 Essential Oil Blend Roll Ons - 0.3 fl oz (9 ml)

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Success Set to Attract Abundance - 10 Essential Oil Blend Roll Ons - 0.3 fl oz (9 ml) each

All roll ons are prediluted in sweet almond oil and safe for skin contact.

Finest Quality, Suitable for Therapeutic Purposes

This set of 10 convenient roll ons will have you set for success in every aspect of your life. Hand picked by our practitioner to cover issues most seen in her private practice. Essential oils help us physically, emotionally, spiritually and vibrationally.

This set covers it all and is specially priced at $105-- a $134 Value! Pure essential oils cut in the carrier oil sweet almond oil for safe skin application. Conveniently prediluted and pocket or purse size for application anywhere!

Anointing Roll On - Helps you stay on the path to your utmost purpose.

Peace Roll On - Keeps the fears away as you pursue your dreams.

Money Magnet Roll On - Vibrationally shifts you to attract more money.

Precious Roll On - Helps to keep self-esteem high.

Forgiveness Roll On - Use the power of now! Let go of the past and spend your energy on the present.

Clearing Generational Patterns Roll On - Repattern emotions with this blend to let go of negative, inherited emotional patterns.

Grounding Roll On - Keeps you connected to the Earth, sensible and making good decisions.

Sweet Dreams Roll On - Power your day from a deep, good night's sleep.

Protection Roll On - Protect yourself from negative energies, entities and energy vampires!

Memory Roll On - Remember what you need to remember when you need to remember it with this essential oil blend.

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