Edible Spicy Cinnamon Flavor Massage Oil 8 fl oz (227ml)

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Edible (Lickable, Kissable) Spicy Cinnamon Flavor Massage Oil 8 fl oz (227 ml)

Description: Delicious cinnamon bark essential oil in a natural oil base containing Sunflower Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil and Sweet Almond Oil. This exquisite formula allows hands to glide over the skin and achieve deep penetration. The properties found within these oils condition and soften skin while providing minerals, vitamins and proteins.

Packaged: 8 fl oz (227 ml) amber plastic bottle with pump, safety shrink wrap.


"Great product. Starting using it immediately for my back problems." - W. Santiago

"Nice product - the cinnamon scent is noticeable, but not overpowering. Smells like Red-hots candy, although I really couldn't taste cinnamon much at all. It is MUCH better than the sticky fake fruit-flavored oils. But be careful not to get it in any "sensitive" areas, or in a cut, because it can burn a little. It absorbed well, but was slightly sticky, so I only gave it 4 stars." - A. Walker

"I really like this oil. It's silky without being overly greasy and smells AMAZING. It doesn't really seem to warm up that much, but I'm actually fine with that. I also love that the ingredients are all natural. Would definitely buy again!" - Leslie

"A little spicy, but very good." - Enrico

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