Michigan & On-line Sessions

EFT Emotional Freedom Technique Sessions

NOT ACCEPTING CLIENTS AT THIS TIME – Online Self-Care Classes – Coming May, 2018

Sessions are made by appointment with Lezlie Cebulski, ND, EFT-ADV, RM.  Sessions address the person as a whole: body, mind & spirit.  Dr. Lezlie has developed a unique approach by combining multiple modalities simultaneously in the same one hour session.

Her philosophy for total transformation is to:

  • Replenish the Body for Optimal Health & Emotional Balance
  • Release Negative Emotions & Detoxify the Body
  • Reset Energy Patterns & Repattern the Brain
  • Reconnect with God & Renew Spiritually

Because the healing of mind, body & spirit are all treated, clients typically report significant improvement within the first one to five sessions with lasting results.

The goals of the sessions are to:

  • Increase the functioning of the body through nutrition & detoxification
  • Release negative emotional energy patterns and negative thought patterns.
  • Improve self-image.  Freedom from guilt, anger, anxiety, shame.  
  • Peace of mind.  Relaxed body. Joy.
  • Encourage a closer relationship with God and to heal at the deepest levels.

A typical session includes:

Nutritional, lifestyle and anti-aging information using muscle testing or Applied Kinesiology to determine an effective personal program if any needed minerals, glandulars or herbal detoxification are indicated.  Whenever possible, generic descriptions of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and amino acids made by a GMP company are recommended to keep costs affordable.

Emotional Issues are addressed by use of the highly effective Emotional Freedom Technique–emotional acupressure.  This is not “talk therapy”.  EFT does not require in depth discussion of issues.  It is a method which releases the negative emotional energy which often ends up making our physical bodies diseased or in pain.   EFT has been found to be very helpful in immediately reducing grief, trauma, guilt, betrayal, anger, fear, phobias, ADD, poor self-esteem, addictions and many others.   Because our minds & bodies are electrical, they can be stuck in a negative pattern.  EFT breaks the negative emotional energy flow.   

NOTE:  If you are not in the Metro Detroit area, EFT sessions can be done on the telephone or via Skype.

Look for her on-line classes, coming soon in May, 2018.