Muscle Testing

About Muscle Testing

Muscle testing or nutrition response testing is available at Holistic Healing & Wellness. It is a technique to determine optimal supplements and food sensitivities.

Muscle testing is a simple, safe, natural method of analyzing the body’s needs using the body’s reflexes. It is very precise and scientific, and is a modern version of a very old technique.

In the 1920’s physicians developed a method for insurance companies to test people making claims for injury. This method enabled them to see if they were in fact experiencing an imbalance and if so, how it could be treated best. This method was based on the research of the pioneering physician Dr. Frank Chapman and has evolved into muscle testing.

Simply stated, muscle testing evaluates the electrical network or grid which surrounds and flows through the body. If the electrical system is in balance then the body’s muscles will be stronger than if the electrical system is out of balance. The most common area of the body to test is the arm. The person being tested holds their arm in front of them, or beside them, parallel to the ground. If pressure is applied to the person’s extended arm while their body’s electrical system is being negatively affected, the muscles will weaken and the arm will not be able to resist the pressure. However, if pressure is applied while his electrical system is being positively affected, the person will easily resist and the arm will hold its position.

Muscle Testing During the Holistic Appointment

Muscle testing is used during the Holistic Healing Wellness appointments. The reflexes provide information to a practitioner (in this case Dr. Lezlie) of which organs, glands, and emotions are out of balance. Muscle testing also provides information on food sensitivities as well as helpful nutritional supplements.

Dr. Lezlie will often perform muscle testing with the aid of Physica Energetics’ muscle testing kit. Image on the right.  She also muscle tests other supplements, aromatherapy, food samples and other brands of nutritional supplements. If you are currently taking supplements, bring them with you to your first consultation/treatment session.