Healing Relationships & Forgiveness Issues

About Healing Relationships & Forgiveness Issues

At its best counseling creates insight and new patterns in a marriage or partnership.  Sometimes relationship repair is hampered with old negative emotional energy which stops new growth despite our best intentions to move forward.  Past hurts and pain keep us seeing the present through the “eyes” of the past–often making it difficult to relate to loved ones in the present moment.

For many people, talk therapy is simply not the most effective means to release past hurt.  Holistic healing & EFT treatments require only brief descriptions of disappointments, sadness, and hurts. Detailed discussion about the past is not required to get excellent results.

EFT and holistic healing treatments are natural methods which release trapped negative emotional energy such as betrayal, guilt, bitterness, anger, sadness, anxiety, un-forgiveness. These treatments can help make way for a renewed marriage or partnership by energetically releasing toxic emotions.  A combined approach with physical renewal, emotional release & spiritual connection produces immediate & lasting results. Clients usually report feeling “lighter” “freer” and not emotionally triggered by people who used to set them off into a spiral of negativity.

Lezlie Cebulski, ND, EFT-ADV, RM has developed a unique approach combining the following modalities in one session which produces fast, effective results. Most clients feel improved within one session and from three to five sessions are feeling relief from traumas and negative self- esteem issues which they have had for many years. Used with couples in combined separate sessions, healing modalities include:

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